24 January 2022

Two continents which is related with the name between each other in elimination action

Until the completion of this qualifying part are four rounds left in the South American region for the World Cup 2022 tournament. According to the schedule, all 10 of them are going to entertain us this month (and the next) twice, and first in order will be phase number 15.

27 January, Thursday at 22.00 CET: Ecuador - Brazil.

28 January, Friday at 00.00 CET: Paraguay - Uruguay.
28 January, Friday at 01.15 CET: Chile - Argentina.
28 January, Friday at 22.00 CET: Colombia - Peru.
28 January, Friday at 23.00 CET: Venezuela - Bolivia.

The layout of the North and Central neighbour together the Caribbean says that teams have to come out on the pitch of three more times for the same elimination event. Each of the four pairs will be treated as games number nine plus one on the weekend that would count as ten.

28 January, Friday at 01.00 CET: Jamaica - Mexico.
28 January, Friday at 01.30 CET: United States of America - El Salvador.
28 January, Friday at 02.05 CET: Honduras - Canada.
28 January, Friday at 03.05 CET: Costa Rica - Panama.

30 January, Sunday at 21.05 CET: Canada - United States of America.


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