02 January 2022

Two clubs will continue sharing stadium under new name

From 2027 instead of San siro the famous stadium will be called 'The cathedral'. Revealing on the plans of Inter and Milan to replace the existing arena came out on 21 December by the Italian media, and the city council together with the mayor has approved this project on the last days of 2021.
Because the target of opening the new arena will not be met until 2026 when the Winter Olympics ceremony is going to be hosted, it was decided that the first kick-off will be one year after that, while the construction in the district is starting in 2023. The whole complex is going to cover over 110.000 square meters with lots of green surface and would be a pedestrian zone only. Parking lot which represents 27 percent of the area in the scheme is going to be transferred to an underground level. A complete new look of the arena would be covered in a glass facade that will change colours of whether the first club is playing or the other.
The future name is deliberately chosen because it is a symbol and cultural heritage at the city of Milan.


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