13 January 2022

Story of a game that ended twice

Africa Cup of nations - Cameroon 2021 (2022), group F, round 1, day 04, match 10:

Tunisia - Mali 0:1

Scorer: 0:1 47 (47.13) Ibrahima Kone

- Wahbi Khazri had a chance to equalize it for Tunisia, but his powerful penalty shot was beautifully saved by the opposing goalkeeper at 77 (76.29).
- At 87 (86.43) El Bilal Toure (Mali) has done a nasty foul and deservedly was awarded with a direct red card.
- On 80 (79.44) the camera suddenly caught how Janny Sikazwe showed and said 'five', so the Zambian referee completed this duel prematurely at 85 (85.06). Realizing his mistake, the game continued, gave a direct red card shorty after and officially blows the final whistle at 90 (89.42). Tunisian players (together with the bench) were furious about this decision, surrounded the official, protesting for over couple of minutes on the pitch, but to be honest they were uninterested of the game because the whole time were running all over the terrain (not to say like crazy, but as someone is chasing to be caught).

Africa Cup of nations - Cameroon 2021 (2022), group F, round 1, night 04, match 11:

Mauritania - Gambia 0:1

Scorer: 0:1 10 (09.48) Ablie Jallow

- Due to the above incident, this match was postponed and started 47 minutes than the original schedule.
- After two unsuccessful attempts, the third time had to be lucky, however that was not the case for the Mauritanian anthem as it was decided not to be played.

Africa Cup of nations - Cameroon 2021 (2022), group E, round 1, night 04, match 12:

Equatorial Guinea - Ivory coast 0:1

Scorer: 0:1 05 (04.26) Max-Alain Gradel


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