31 January 2022

World Cup times two

The big success of how much the World Cup, is and will be number one sporting event throughout the globe (towards the end of 2022), just proves the following sentence. When the 'golden papers' was released for the wide public on 20 January (from the world football organization), an incredible number was detected: more than 1.2 million tickets has been demanded in just 24 hours. This great interest came from Qatar, Argentina, Mexico, United States of America, United Arab Emirates, England, India, Brazil and Saudi Arabia. Prices for them have been announced: from 54 euros (group phase) until 75 euros (elimination rounds). There is also a special category for local citizens only which cost 10 euros (applies just for the group stages). Applications for purchasing the tickets last as far as 08 February.
And also on 18 January was released the news about an other event that have the same words as the above competition, but four letters are added in front. Referees for the Club World Cup competition has been revealed which starts next Thursday. From each confederation (except Oceania) was picked one main official, who together with assistant and video assistant judges can be seen or download their list, from the website of the same affiliation.


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