23 January 2022

Lowered ranked teams starts first

Currently we are into the African Cup of nations 2021 (2022) event, and the organizers has already performed the draw for the next edition. Between the group stages and the knockout round one, the resting days was filled to reveal the schedule for the preliminary round of the same competition that is going to begin next year.
Yesterday the following 12 teams (who are the lowest ranked of the continent) have formed 6 pairs. Each one of them will play twice with their opponents among 21 and 29 March, and the layout is:

Eritrea - Botswana.

Sao Tome e principe - Mauritius.

Djibouti - South Sudan.

Seychelles - Lesotho.

Somalia - Eswatini.

Chad - Gambia.

After that, the overall winning sextet is going to join the other 42 teams (which are already qualified) where 12 groups would be created. Participants which occupies the first 2 spots of the elimination process will book their tickets for the Africa Cup of nations occurring per thirty fourth time in Ivory coast from 23 June until 23 July 2023.


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