01 January 2022

Important message to everyone

Just to be short, for next year the layout of tournaments would have to look like this:
Continuation of the knockout stages at the three European club competitions and starting with the new 2022-23 season (from qualifiers and up until the completion of group games) of the same event. Also that are going to be mentioned here as well are the annual tournaments: Club World Cup and Super Cup. On the team level in here is going to be followed: the only continental championship from Africa, closing elimination encounters for one grand tournament (that will be the peak of 2022) - the World Cup finals itself, while in between them comes the Asian Cup qualifiers 2023 together with two Nations league events 2022-23 (North, Central America and Caribbean plus the European version).
In the end and to conclude 2021: wherever you are have yourself a wonderful moments in the New year filled with love, happiness and success. Happy 2022!


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