19 February 2022

Awarding the spectators with something very precious

In the beginning of this week it was announced that in the future four finals on the international club scene the organizer of the events have prepared one special surprise for the fans.
For a gratitude that spectators were loyal to this sport during the pandemic period with an unconditional support, the European football organization decided to give away 30.000 tickets. These free golden 'entry papers' are going to be divided to the last two clubs that will play from 18 until 28 May in the following way: to each Europa league finalists belongs 4.000 tickets, exactly 3.000 'entry papers' are for the last two clubs at the Champions league for women together with the Conference league, with two rivaling spectators from every team of the Champions league competition (that will conclude the season on the last weekend of the fifth month) who are awarded with 5.000 tickets. An only condition is that they can not be shared with the sponsors or among members within the club.


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