20 February 2022

Derby duel that has to be replayed from scratch

Currently the last 8 teams have 16 games played, but the first 2 are on one less. It is like this, as Brazil and Argentina had to kick-off last September, and when they did that, their match was suspended after just five minutes by the health officials.
The pandemic situation was the main cause for the abandonment, however the under-cause remained a real mystery. Four visiting footballers were not supposed to be on the terrain because the alleged quartet had to follow quarantine measures. But on the other side, the Brazilian authorities did not explain how they have entered the country in the first place.
Because of this so called incident the two rivals were punished this Monday from the world football organization: the home team had to deliver 500.000 Swiss francs (476.293 euros), while 200.000 Swiss francs (190.517 euros) penalty was for the Argentinian team (for the order and security troubles). And on a 'genuine greeting' from the affiliation, both member associations were fined with additional 50.000 Swiss francs (47.629 euros) as this football-holiday game got suspended in only 293 seconds.
No new date or place had been designated so far. Until the end of the World Cup 2022 qualifying campaign for the South American region two duels have to be staged which means that these two opponents are occupied on 24 and 29 March. Because Argentina is already booked in a game at Europe on 01 June, this derby (more likely) has to be played earlier than that. Another (less likely) possibility is that both teams could entertain us some elsewhere in the summer, but then it would be staged outside the confederation borders.


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