07 February 2022

Introducing the last two clubs

We have arrived to the second and last week of the Club World Cup 2021 (2022) event. Until now five clubs have been introduced to the public which means there are two more left together with two pairs who are unavailable at this moment so the mystery just rises and rises. The fact is that new champion awaits us next weekend, and by that the five remaining duels have this layout:

Semi - final 1
Tuesday, 08 February at 17.30 CET: Palmeiras (winner of the South American continent) - Al Ahly.

Classification game for fifth - sixth place
Wednesday, 09 February at 14.30 CET: Monterrey - Al Jazira.

Semi - final 2
Wednesday, 09 February at 17.30 CET: Al Hilal - Chelsea (European champion).

Classification duel for third - fourth spot
Saturday. 12 February at 14.00 CET: losing teams between semifinals 1 and 2.

Saturday. 12 February at 17.30 CET: winning clubs between semifinals 1 and 2.


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