22 February 2022

Three hosts are welcoming five groups

Because the pandemic situation is still causing plenty of havoc on the Asian continent, unfortunately, for the third consecutive year all group plays from the Champions league competition are being staged on one place (hosts for five more groups are yet to be decided).
Five days ago the Asian football organization has nominated three countries that will welcome participants of the East region at five groups. Thailand is going to be host to groups F (Buriram), G (Bangkok) and J (city is yet to be confirmed). In between: H is going to be staged in Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam, while the four clubs from group I will travel at the Malaysian town of Johor Bahru. When this sub-region is concerned, every group match starts on 07 and ends 27 April.
The first 5 groups (A - E) from the West part would have to commence from 15 April until 01 May, and cities are going to be known in the following days.


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