14 February 2022

Incredible efficiency

On the last 6 playing nights at the just finished Club World Cup 2021 (2022) tournament 26 goals were scored in regular time (90 minutes). From those, 14 were given in the first half, two less have appeared at the second which means 3.25 has been celebrated in each game. If we add one more goal (when was scored in extra time) then the 7 (lucky) clubs gave 3.375 per match. After the ninetieth minute (stoppage time) two teams have rolled the ball into the nets twice. The hosts (Al Jazira) were very generous when they gifted their own rivals with two effective own goals (against Pirae and Monterrey).
Couple of punishments were awarded in this mini-competition, and both of them was converted in the second half.
Without two yellow cards being issued, 'the men in blue' gave four direct red cards in 3 different duels. In negative point of view, Al Hilal was recorder for getting two direct red ones in the first 27 minutes of play.


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