26 February 2022

Performed draw for final elimination phase

The first 2 phases of these qualifiers were joint with another event, then came the play-off duels, so that on 24 February it was done the layout for the last part.
Yesterday was made the last qualifying schedule for Asian Cup 2023 competition, when the 24 teams have learned their opponents. Divided in six groups, each of them will not travel throughout the continent, but instead games are going to be staged on one place, which means that: the first group will be played in Kuwait, second is in Mongolia, Uzbekistan welcomes group number three, India is going to be the host to group four, teams of the fifth will compete in Malaysia, while six matches is going to happen at Kyrgyzstan for the sixth group. The provisional layout has already been made ; all are missing for now are the kick-off times and stadia ; every pair is known ; dates for the elimination number three are 08, 11 and 14 June, whilst the teams are split at

Group A: Jordan, Kuwait, Indonesia, Nepal.

Group B: Palestine, Philippines, Yemen, Mongolia.

Group C: Uzbekistan, Thailand, Maldives, Sri Lanka.

Group D: India, Hong Kong, Afghanistan, Cambodia.

Group E: Bahrain, Turkmenistan, Malaysia, Bangladesh.

Group F: Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Myanmar, Singapore.

In the outcome of these duels played at the three nights period this summer, is that 11 more teams have to reveal themselves so they can travel to the finals next year or the group winners are secured participants together with the five best second placed teams. They will be joined with the already qualified (lucky) 13 teams who had done their job in the previous (second) round.


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