01 February 2022

Play off team forced to withdraw from qualifying competition

Currently the epidemic situation is causing lots of headaches to everyone in the world, and on 15 January one other phenomenon has happened: this time in the South Pacific island state of Tonga. On this date there was an underwater volcano eruption where the consequences were catastrophic: everything was covered in dust, debris, drinking water got poisoned, the agricultural land was affected, at least two villages was wiped of the chart plus massive waves of tsunami was triggered. Because of this (very rare) natural disaster something was telling that the national team may not compete for the World Cup elimination matches, where sadly later this news got only certified.
At 13 March Tonga supposed to open the play-off stage, so that finally games of the Oceania region would kick-off (in peace) on neutral place. But after the catastrophe last month it was just impossible to appear so the country has officially pulled out its participation from the event three days ago. This means that their rivals (Cook islands) has automatically joined group A who will play together with Solomon islands, Tahiti and Vanuatu.


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