08 February 2022

Single given goal was the most popular result

There was a new champion of the Africa Cup of nations 2021 (2022) edition, that has concluded last night and after finishing it is time for statistics.

Goals, own ones and results. In 52 duels we saw 99 targets or players gave 1.9 per game. Out of those 41 were given in the first half with 58 in the second. Because one more goal was scored in extra time it means that every duel had 1.92 goals. Four of them were given in stoppage time of first half plus five after the end of 90 minutes. Balls that footballers have rolled into their own nets were three where two of them were in favour of Gabon who had most gifts received. Zero one or one zero has been repeated 18 times, followed by 0:0 that was ended on 9 occasions.

Converted, missed and saved punishments. Cameroon, Mali and Morocco had the most penalties in the tournament - two. At the opening game for the host was awarded two 11 metres shots and both of them got realized in the first 45 minutes. We saw three in the first together with seven at the second half which means there was 10 goals scored from penalties. Three of them were missed, and seven more got perfectly saved by goalkeepers. In the end adding it all together: referees in total has awarded 20 punishment where half of them have shaken the nets.

Nasty boys. Players of four different teams has received of two yellow cards that automatically means sending off, and all of them were issued in second 45 minutes. Eight footballers received an even stronger punishment: a direct red card. Out of this number four of them got rewarded equally: at first and second half. Cape verde was an absolute recorder here because two of its players have received direct red cards at the first and second 45 minutes each.


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