15 February 2022

Joint bid for one event has been dropped in favour of another

'Welcoming the best teams of the planet might not be a good idea, but to host the continental championship sounds way better'. The preceding sentence can be interpreted in other words, and that what is following next in this text.
Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England (which are all part of United Kingdom) together with Republic of Ireland has quit plans to be host for the World Cup in 2030, and instead the above five countries wants to bring the European championship 2028. This announcement was made seven days ago where their study has revealed to drop the global competition and in return to try and bring the best teams of the continent on its soil. Simply, hosting the European championship in six years time "offers a similar return on investment, but carries a far lower delivery cost and the potential of the benefits being realised sooner." has been said in an mutual statement of the member associations.
Opponents of the above bid for the 2028 tournament are competing with one other joint 'package' of nations plus one alone (which are already confirmed by now): the Balkan quartet (Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece) for the first time, together with Turkey who have lost in five previous occasions. Another nine countries (of those, two are joint bidders and one alone: Scandinavian nations, Iberian peninsula, Russia) are considering to enter into this process and those have to act quick because 23 March is the deadline of submitting the documents, while the final decision will be revealed on 05 April.


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