11 February 2022

Meal which was controversial for having in its name additional letters

Lots of people are trying to invent something new, but when they do that on stage comes big affiliations to discourage that. In the next lines there will be a tale of everyone favourite food: pizza.
The marketing was very good, however the name for it proved to be 'wrong' after a restaurant in Germany (Pizza Wolke) at the beginning of this month have introduced to the public its (special and) tasty product - Champignons league pizza. A meal that is delicious in its own way raised the alarm with the European football organization as the organizer of a tournament that has similar name, and who did not like this idea (at all). In fact, their Champions league competition have coincided with the product food where the first part of the name which translated from German means - mushrooms (and in reality pizza without this ingredient is not a real thing).
Certain trademark question came into force where at the end was dropped by the affiliation, justifying that "some people are making a meal of this story. The European football organization obviously take the protection of its intellectual property seriously, but this instance seems to be a case of an over-zealous local trademark agent acting too hastily. The Champions league can happily live alongside this delicious-sounding pizza." Shortly after this was in the news, lot of support was on social media where a user out of many commentaries wrote (one of the best): "Free pizza Champignons!".


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