19 October 2022

Lying to the public might mean jail time

In 2013 Santos have released their player Neymar da Siva Santos to join Barcelona. Nine years later this transfer is still causing plenty of dust (and mysteries).
Back then the cost for the striker was 57.1 million euros, out of which 40 million went to his family, while the rest of the sum belong to the Brazilian club. From that remainder the investment house DIS received 40 percent (that owned their rights of the player), and since then they are still saying that the value was way way higher.
Due to corruption charges this Monday in the Catalan capital began the trial of the 30-year-old and his alleged accomplices that counts three former presidents - Josep Maria Bartomeu and Sandro Rosell (from the European club) and Odilio Rodrigues (of the South American counterparts), together with his family who is also on the list. Spanish prosecutors and the fund want prison term for all of up to six years and a fine of 195 million euros, except for the footballer who (under their opinion) deserves to spend 365 days less or to be locked five years behind bars.


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