02 October 2022

Punishments for clubs

On the last Saturday in September the European football organization has penalized six clubs who participated at the international competitions, and the whole fault falls (only) on their spectators.
Next week Olympique de Marseille would have to play the Champions league match with Sporting at home without fans. With 100.000 euros is fined Koln who can not lead their spectators on the away games, whilst fans supporting Nice can not purchase tickets when the club is playing as a visitor. Six thousand seats will not sell Partizan because they have to close certain part of their arena of their own choice plus there was a fine of 70.000 euros that the team had to pay. Eintracht Frankfurt had to give 45.000 euros which are also are punished for conditionally closure of their stadium for the next duel of at least 1.000 seats. The cash box from Juventus was eased with 15.000 euros.
Reason behind all these penalties were objects throwing, pyrotechnics and introducing boxing skills into this sport from their previous games.


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