15 October 2022

Qualifying groups for main tournament revealed

Group A: Spain, Scotland, Norway, Georgia, Cyprus.
Group B: Netherlands, France, Republic of Ireland, Greece, Gibraltar.
Group C: Italy, England, Ukraine, North Macedonia, Malta.
Group D: Croatia, Wales, Armenia, Turkiye, Latvia.
Group E: Poland, Czech Republic, Albania, Faroe islands, Moldova.
Group F: Belgium, Austria, Sweden, Azerbaijan, Estonia.
Group G: Hungary, Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Lithuania.
Group H: Denmark, Finland, Slovenia, Kazakhstan, Northern Ireland, San Marino.
Group I: Switzerland, Israel, Romania, Kosovo, Belarus, Andorra.
Group J: Portugal, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iceland, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Liechtenstein.

The above information was known last Sunday in Frankfurt for the new elimination cycle of the next European championship. From much earlier we knew that Russia would not going be included at the draw, there was an unsuccessful attempt for Belarus to be thrown out as well, and together with the host which were resting from the upcoming qualifiers, at the end 53 countries had been in the bowls who created 10 groups.
Just 24 hours after the ceremony the schedule for all teams was revealed. Everything will start on 23 March and finish 21 November 2023. Mixing it with other tournament, here we also have a backdoor passage to get in to the final competition: play-off games are to be staged on 21 and 26 March 2024. Like that, we are reached with the number of 24 teams who is going to participate in the final event scheduled from 14 June until 14 July 2024 at Germany.


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