18 March 2024

Competitions of a same name with different meaning

The European version of Nations league for the current season is going to be concluded with a decider between two teams. That one who will win would stay into league C, while the loser would be relegated in league D for the 2024-25 season.

21 March, Thursday at 20.45 CEt: Gibraltar - Lithuania.

An edition of the North, Central American and Caribbean from the tournament with the same name have entered into its final four duels of season three which is divided in two ways.

Winner of the following two pairs would play for the championship trophy.

22 March, Friday at 00.00 CEt: United states of America - Jamaica.
22 March, Friday at 03.15 CEt: Panama - Mexico.

Losing quarter finalists from last year will have a final chance who are going to fight for a separate competition (Copa America 2024) where only 2 teams would be present at the South American greatest tournament this summer.

23 March, Saturday at 21.00 CEt: Canada - Trinidad and Tobago.

24 March, Sunday at 00.15 CEt: Costa Rica - Honduras.


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