12 March 2024

Opportunity to purchase tickets from another owner for a summer event

Those spectators who likes to get rid of the tickets that were bought for the European championship, and have planned for something else this summer, can easily do so by offering them through the website of the European football organization.
Previously they had to make a detailed list and publish it until 11 March. Calling it simply a "resale platform" the new fans buys them who have a 24 period to act: the whole process is going to be opened from 13 March from 11.00 CEt, the closing time is the following day, while those entry papers that will not be sold would remain at the original holders. First come first serve basis is going to be used, so after this (supposedly) everyone will be happy. Also, it is announced that this is going to be repeated many times in this month.
If 24 participating member associations are releasing tickets in the standard way then spectators from only those teams can have rights to buy them, but like this, new owners can have entry papers from another team and this is the main reason of why the resale option is available.


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