03 March 2024

Imprisoned sex offender

On 31 December 2022 Daniel Alves was accused of raping a 23-year-old woman at a Barcelona night club. And instead of celebrating the following year in style, soon after that, nightmare has approached.
Next January the Brazilian defender was thrown in prison, and from that point on was denied every time when the 40-year-old was trying to be released even on bail. In the beginning of February this year the trial had started, and the officials had different opinions about this serious offence: advocates of the victim wanted 12, prosecutors 9, while the final verdict was issued on 4 and a half years in jail. Following everywhere he goes after prison and restraining order towards the mistreated woman of 5 years together with 150,000 euros in damages were the other 2 punishments.
But (maybe the worst, on sport achievement) came five days ago from the former club of the same town where this attack has happened: stripping the legendary status out of which he had a glorious career of winning 43 trophies in 408 appearances and was the second most successive player in history with them.


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