20 March 2024

Impressive numbers

Information about the last Asian Cup that finished this February has announced the Asian football organization, and the full report has been presented on 11 March.
An incredible 7.9 billion showings have recorded this event across all digital channels beating the previous record of 890 million from the 2019 edition. On all 12 digital platforms of the confederation spectators of the 2023 competition have written 15,384 posts, and seen a total of 1,1 billion views of video content (exclusive interviews, behind the scenes, highlights) which is a 1,12 percent rise from the same event that happened 5 years ago. For the first time the organization has offered 13 different languages on every of the 12 digital platforms. Before this tournament started in January the debut application which has appeared under the name "Afc live" fans have downloaded over 120,000 times including fantasy football and match predictor...


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