30 March 2024

Must go to prison after all

Eleven years ago six Brazilian men have met a woman, treated her alcohol in an Italian nightclub, and soon after that the whole group have assaulted her. Four years later the court in Milan have convicted the sextet of gang rape of the 22-year-old victim from Albania, while the Appeal court in 2020 and Italian Supreme court at 2022 have only confirm that verdict.
One of those cowards was Robson de Souza who at that time has played on the Apennine Peninsula but nowadays lives back home. Because it is wide known that Brazil does not extradite its citizens to other countries, everyone thought that this serious crime would go unpunished. However, last Wednesday this saga has ended the Brazilian Supreme court who just validate the sentence of its judging colleagues from the other side of the world: that the 40-year-old have to serve 9 years in prison at one of the local facilities.


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