25 March 2024

Just one more match and everything will be excellent, well...for some teams

The first part is over, while now comes the toughest one for all. Just 90 minutes (or more) the following sextet is away for participating at the main championship this summer: and the prize is to be seen at the European team competition for exactly one month. In other words, one half is going to progress through, whilst the other will watch it from its home seats. No mistakes is allowed, lots of sweat is expected, and (hopefully) plenty of targets have to be scored (if the mysterious trio wants to made travel arrangements).

26 March, Tuesday at 18.00 CEt: Georgia - Greece.
26 March, Tuesday at 20.45 CEt: Ukraine - Iceland (playing in Wroclaw, Poland).
26 March, Tuesday at 20.45 CEt: Wales - Poland.

Staying on the same continent, but in the Nations league event, it is time to find out which team will be promoted in the upper or relegated in one of the lower league at the second 90 minutes of play. The result from first game is minimal, so anything can happen.

26 March, Tuesday at 18.00 CEt: Lithuania - Gibraltar.


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