05 March 2024

Removed from football

After the first sample was positive, and the second gave the same result, it was well known and obvious that Paul Pogba has taken something which is illegal. Soon it was discovered that the 30-year-old has used testosterone drug after the match against Udinese on 20 August 2023 from where he watched it from the bench. Thus, after the midfielder was suspended one month later, four days ago the Italian anti-doping organization has removed him from this sport on four years.
While his words of being "sad, shocked and heartbroken" and that he "would never do anything to enhance performance by using banned substances", the laboratory analysis proved him wrong for failing the test: not once but twice. Therefore his payment at Juventus is frozen, will receive 'only a miserable amount of' 42,500 euros out of 8 million at which he gets on a yearly basis.


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