29 March 2024

Foreign money that have made a very big trouble

Eight days ago the Spanish police officers have stormed its own football federation in which they arrested seven people of suspicion of financial malversation, and the officials are accused of dividing the fresh received money among themselves.
Since 2019 the Spanish Super Cup event was (suddenly) transferred to be staged in Saudi Arabia and ever since then this partnership was suspicious, while five years later concrete actions were made. During the raid, the home of the former president of the federation at that time, was also searched in Granada. Luis Rubiales was not in the country, but nevertheless it was stated that the 46-year-old would have been detained as well. The company of the ex national player Gerard Pique was intermediary for negotiations of this work signing a six-year deal worth 213,7 million euros with the largest Middle East country where at the end Kosmos has earned 24 million euros from mediation.


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