31 August 2017

Banned gesture lead to imprisonment

You can (miraculously) escape if you show your middle finger to someone, but if you are overreacting it you are completely done. That is exactly what happened to a Rapid Vienna football fan.
In a game against Modling from 13 August 2016, an unemployed male spectator without thinking (and obviously drunk) raise his right hand and did a Nazi salute. As this is unforgivable in Austria, now the 39 year old have to spend one year and a half in prison. On top of that he is also banned accessing the stadium. This verdict from last Tuesday was not his only offence. With a tattooed number 88, which is a code for 'Heil Hitler', this skinhead was charged in 2013, because on Facebook he wished Hitler a happy birthday. 
Austria has one of the strictest law in Europe which dates from 1947 against worshiping or speech inspired by Nazism.


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