27 August 2017

Punishments across Europe

Just from last and this week the European football organization will get 77.500 euros plus one more case is still 'under consideration', so more money will slip away in UEFA cash registry. On the wall there were 4 clubs who were penalized.
On a night where Legia was playing against Sheriff Tiraspol last Thursday for trying to make a good first result at the Europa league, the Polish champion has been fined. Their supporters spread 'forbidden' banner plus people were sitting on the ground as the stairways were blocked against Astana in the second qualifying round (that time the club was competing in the Champions league). For that 'disciplinary and safety crime' they have to pay 35.000 euros. However one more punishment awaits them. Ironically or not that same night, playing versus the Moldovan title holders, their 'bad bad' fans spread again that 'unhallowed' (this time new) banner and threw fireworks on the pitch. It was alluding to the first punishment and showed a (greedy) pig under UEFA flag, with title underneath 'And the 35.000 euros fine goes to...' This new fate for the team will be decided next week.

Apollon Limassol and Aberdeen have their own troubles. Both these clubs have met at the Europa league third qualifying round, second leg and both are being penalized. The verdict is: 10.000 euros for Aberdeen, because their fans got into crowd trouble, while Cypriots have to deliver 27.500 euros, due to fireworks and objects throwing.
And finally in this black report list jumps Dinamo Zagreb as well. Croatian club have to say goodbye to 5.000 euros plus they must close their north tribune in next European play at Maksimir stadium. Racist behavior and use of fireworks were a cause for the penalty. Because the team has departed from the competition, their punishment begins much probably from next season.


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