22 August 2017

European football organization shows generosity

In three European Cups (leagues), UEFA plans to spend just this season estimated more than 1.7 billion euros. Forecasts are telling that the organization will have gross income of 2.35 billion euros, but unfortunately that money will not be divided equally for the Champions, Europa league and Super Cup.
For the 'strongest' competition each club of the 32 teams in the group phase are guaranteed minimum 12.7 million. Every win will be awarded with 1.5 million, while draw costs half a million. Six million euros will receive clubs who enters into last 16, quarter finalists receives additional 6.5 million euros and semifinalists are rewarded with 1 million more (7.5 million euros). The losing finalist are getting 11.5 million, whilst the champion will collect the trophy, flying confetti (from the celebration) plus 15.5 million euros. Adding it all together and supposedly they will have all 6 victories at the groups, theoretically the winner of the Champions league could be rich in the end with 57.2 million euros.
At the most competitive and interesting Europa league things are quite different, as 'only' 399.8 million euros are allocated for this tournament. There are big number of clubs, so the lucky 48 receives 2.6 million for just 'showing up' and participating in the groups. If teams are winners they will receive 360.000 and 120.000 for stalemates. Being number one at the group means additional 600.000, while second placed are getting 300.000. Those teams who will go into round of 32 receives 500.000 euros, round of 16 worth 750.000, last 8 best clubs will earn 1 million and semi-finalists 1.6 million. Three point five million receives the runner-up team and the champion will be awarded with 6.5 million. Presumably the club shows no mercy and are getting all 6 victories in the group stage, this years winner could earn nearly 15 million euros (14.96 million) in total.
As there is only one game with no mathematics at Super Cup, thus UEFA does not have to spent so much on this competition. It is simple: that the 'crying team' which will lose in the final will receive 3 million, but at the end they will 'eat themselves up' with that 1 million more, who will get the champions (4 million euros).


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