28 August 2017

Mid eliminatory games in Africa

After quite some time the African region is back into action. Usually playing on second part of the week or weekend mostly, this continent came at the midway point of matches. Twenty teams have to overcome these harsh qualifiers to be winners in their respective groups, so they can go to the finals. As it look like until now 13 teams have that chance, and next week round number 3 is at the schedule.

31 August, Thursday at 15.00 CET: Uganda - Egypt.
31 August, Thursday at 19.00 CET: Guinea - Libya.

01 September, Friday at 17.30 CET: Ghana - Congo.
01 September, Friday at 18.00 CET: Nigeria - Cameroon.
01 September, Friday at 20.30 CET: Cape Verde - South Africa.
01 September, Friday at 22.00 CET: Morocco - Mali.
01 September, Friday at 22.00 CET: Tunisia - Democratic Republic of Congo.

02 September, Saturday at 15.00 CET: Zambia - Algeria.
02 September, Saturday at 18.00 CET: Gabon - Ivory Coast.
02 September, Saturday at 22.00 CET: Senegal - Burkina Faso.


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