11 August 2017

Knives on a pitch

Last Sunday night the Turkish Super Cup basically introduced new football season in the country, which will start this weekend. The end result was (little) surprising as Konyaspor took the trophy by defeating Besiktas 2:1, but during and after the match was a real chaos. 
Both spectators were throwing lots of fireworks, firecrackers, and even knives were seen onto the pitch. After the winning goal for Konyaspor in the stoppage time from penalty spot fans invaded Vodafone arena terrain in Istanbul. Because of this serious omissions, Turkey FA decided to punish Konyaspor with 5 home games without spectators plus 85.135 euros financial fine, while their opponents has to play 1 game with closed doors in the championship.
Besiktas fans are tending to be on the left-wing political option, whilst their rivals (spectators from the winning team) are known to be one of the worst in Turkey.


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