01 October 2023

Business partner was quickly changed with another one

In 2018 DDMC Fortis have successfully won the tender and became an exclusive partner to the Asian football confederation to negotiate and sell media rights for all Asian football tournaments. As the agency have changed its name to Football marketing Asia in 2020, the collaboration of 10 years gave them privileges over the properties to get, attract and acquire new customers. However, the Asian football organization has suddenly ended this pact on 15 September. Reasons for this unexpected break-up was the worsened market conditions following the post-pandemic period in the world.
Not 72 hours have passed the affiliation has found a new partner. The rapid replacement was found in Asia football group who will now manage the commercial rights up to the point where the previous owner has had (until 2028). Thus in the next five year period, the vision for the fresh agency would be to strengthen and promote Asian football bringing it to new heights.


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