12 October 2023

Club and team events got itself a place to play

In a space of two weeks the European football organization has appointed five hospitality countries for one club and two team competitions.

- On the last Tuesday of September it was decided where the Champions league winner will battle the Europa league champion next year. Both clubs will travel to the Polish capital Warsaw at 14 August so that the annual tournament of Super Cup will mark the opening of the 2024-25 footballing season.

- Yesterday it was confirmed where the next two European championship events would be played. Great Britain together with Republic of Ireland are going to welcome the 24 best teams of the continent in 9 cities who would play its games on 10 stadia on 2028.

- For the above event Turkiye deliberately pulled out of the bid, so that this country can focus of the 2032 edition where it won the organization together with Italy. These two nations did not yet confirm on which locations the tournament would be staged.


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