30 October 2023

Global event would be played on three continents

It is only a matter of time where every country in the globe simultaneously will have to host the World Cup (meaning that qualifiers for the same event might be omitted).
Instead of giving the 2030 to one continent or country / countries, on 04 October the world football organization has announced that the final tournament is going to be staged in three confederations. To mark the 100 year birth of the competition South America would kick off the event, and those six 'lucky' teams who will play the first three games in Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina would have to travel all over to the other side of the globe to finish what it started. Because of the 'closeness' with Morocco, Portugal and Spain the sextet would have 12 to 13 days rest before the second group phase matches.
For the first time three continents and the six mentioned nations would organize the most significant event of this sport from 08 June until 21 July or the edition number 24 will last of up to 43 nights in 7 years time. But, this excessively stupid idea still has to be officially confirmed at the Congress (somewhere) in 2024.


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