09 October 2023

Finishing group phase...for some

The North, Central America and Caribbean version of the Nations league event would enter in the final matches in this first part.
For leagues B and C the group phase would be over, while teams in league A will also finish the group round, but from November some of them would have an additional qualifiers. In total 34 duels will be staged this month, and here are written only those who are going to be played until the end of the weekend.

Round 3
12 October, Thursday at 21.00 CEt: Sint Maarten - Saint Kitts and Nevis (playing in The Valley, Anguilla).
12 October, Thursday at 23.00 CEt: Dominica - British Virgin islands (playing in Gros islet, Saint Lucia).

13 October, Friday at 01.00 CEt: Bonaire - Anguilla.
13 October, Friday at 01.00 CEt: Grenada - Jamaica.
13 October, Friday at 01.00 CEt: Suriname - Haiti.
13 October, Friday at 02.00 CEt: Saint Lucia - Guadeloupe.
13 October, Friday at 03.00 CEt: Cuba - Honduras (playing in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic).
13 October, Friday at 21.00 CEt: Montserrat - Nicaragua (playing in Bridgetown, Barbados).
13 October, Friday at 21.30 CEt: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines - French Guiana.
13 October, Friday at 23.00 CEt: Curacao - Panama.

14 October, Saturday at 02.00 CEt: Barbados - Dominican Republic.
14 October, Saturday at 03.00 CEt: Trinidad and Tobago - Guatemala.
14 October, Saturday at 04.00 CEt: Belize - Bermuda.
14 October, Saturday at 21.00 CEt: Aruba - United states Virgin islands.
14 October, Saturday at 21.00 CEt: Puerto Rico - Guyana (playing in Basseterre, Saint Kitts and Nevis).

15 October, Sunday at 00.00 CEt: Bahamas - Antigua and Barbuda.

Round 4
15 October, Sunday at 21.30 CEt: Guadeloupe - Saint Lucia.


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