09 October 2016

One hard game in a new matchday

Completely new leg is starting tonight from Europe. Matches are divided into two time slots and from all, one of them should be very interesting and entertaining game.

- Finland - Croatia. If Finland can repeat the same match from Thursday, then there is some hope for them this evening. However, Croatia is a much stronger side and another three points are guaranteed for them.
- Israel - Liechtenstein. There will be no special introduction for this match. Dreadful Liechtenstein cannot pose real threat to Israel. In games like these, the only question will be with how much goals Israel will send visitors back home.
- Ukraine - Kosovo. Another predetermined match where the winner is known in advance. From its debut appearance Kosovo surprised everyone with a point and then followed a catastrophe. Ukraine does not play very well at home, but with opponent like this one should have no problems earning first three points in group I.
- Wales - Georgia. Not long ago Georgia outplayed tonight's rival with only a goal difference. Since then times have changed and nowadays should be the other way around. Wales looks very confident at home and with new victory it will remain on first place.
- Albania - Spain. Spain has always beaten Albania at home and we cannot question their win tonight also. The home side is not anymore 'punching bag' against stronger teams, so we should not expect 'rain' of goals.
- Iceland - Turkey. We can call this match a little derby tonight. If Iceland plays with the same tempo like it did on Thursday, new win may come. On the other hand Turkey have other ideas and despite two draws, they are still powerful enough to beat the hosts. Unfortunately (for them) new share of points may come this evening as both teams play fantastic football.
- Moldova - Republic of Ireland. One of those matches where the winner is known in advance. It would seem that nothing can be worked out for weak Moldova team who still awaits on the first goal in this campaign. Tonight Ireland will have one of the easiest training and the outcome will be new three points.
- Serbia - Austria. Lately Serbia is achieving some mixed results and their form seems to be on a high note. Their rival tonight is a little bit tough as Austria knows to be a tricky opponent even for the stronger teams. The hosts are hoping to have perfect six points for this month, but something tells us it will be an (exciting) draw.


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