08 October 2016

Second day from round one

After a disappointing opening game yesterday, World cup African qualifiers resume today with the first round play. Five matches are scheduled for Saturday, and by the look of it the night will conclude with some interesting matches.

- Gabon - Morocco. Everyone wants to make a good impression from the start, but these two are playing awful football at the moment. Efficiency is the real problem for Morocco. Back in January these rivals have played a boring draw and we hope that will not be the case today and Gabon will (some little bit of effort) hold on the first three points.
- Democratic Republic of Congo - Libya. When its tough Libya knows to surprise its rivals and gives headache to top African teams. DR Congo is surely not one of them and lately their form is improving. Visitors will try to go back home with a point and we think they will succeed on that thought.
- Burkina Faso - South Africa. After a while, Burkina Faso is back on winning form but their opponent tonight will give them plenty of troubles. South Africa seems to score goals on away games very easily and they can do it this evening. However, Burkinabe will have a reason to celebrate.
- Ivory Coast - Mali. Potential derby game knowing that these two are excellent teams. Ivory Coast is not playing very confident at the moment unlike Mali, which form vary from time to time. Still it should be a interesting game to watch with (we hope) an exciting draw.
- Senegal - Cape Verde. Cape Verde was once a good, solid team who was not afraid of anyone. Suddenly their form went down and now everyone can beat them. Senegal, who plays very confident at home, is an absolute favorite to take the game.


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