03 March 2021

At last...(we are) at home

For eight years the national team and clubs from Libya had to host their opponents in neighboring Egypt, Tunisia together with Mali and Morocco on various competitions. After the delegation successfully checked all the security situation and stadia, on 25 February they finally gave a green light so that this North African nation can play within its borders. In short, it means that travelling, finding and booking places to play are all in the past, so fans can watch how their favorite footballers are performing right at home where first showing will be: in the Confederation Cup group phase game between Al-Ahly (Benghazi) and Entente de Setif at 17 March on a club competition, while at a team level Libya is going to meet Tunisia from the fifth round of the African Cup of Nations qualifiers eight nights later.
Because of the civil war in the country their representatives were not allowed to play duels on home soil at 2011, where that ban was shortly lifted and re-imposed again in 2013.


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