23 March 2021

Debut appearance on television

Last Tuesday Football marketing Asia brought its confederation a signed agreement that will show the main club and team tournaments entering on a totally new markets. Viewers at one of the biggest state in Europe (that is spreading on two continents), plus their neighbors have the ability to watch events from 2021 and up until 2024. This deal was purchased by the Russian media provider Television Start, where the broadcast will also be available at Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova and Ukraine (who are all part of the Commonwealth of independent states). Audience out of these 10 countries will surely grow and make a great interest of each competition, and what this makes more interesting is that this top content is going to be watched for the first time.
Immediately, at the end of March comes the World Cup 2022 together with the Asian Cup qualifiers as a debut program (three duels are going to be played within this month), followed by the two international club events (commencing with elimination matches from 07 April) for full four years. Of course (and on top of the cake), in between comes the last phase of the Asian Cup qualifiers, plus the final itself at 2023.


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