20 March 2021

Very close to spend time into jail

At 2013 Robson de Souza (better known as Robinho) participated in a gang rape (together with his friend Ricardo Falco) at Milan nightclub, out of which four years later he was found guilty and convicted for this serious crime. Since then the 37-year-old is trying to prove his innocence in this case, while today is one step away to be locked up.
The penultimate try has failed, as the Milan Court of appeal rejected his case on 09 March saying that the victim was 'belittled' and 'brutally humiliated' on the night when she celebrated her twenty third birthday. Italian law clearly says that, if all verdicts of the following courts are dismissed, then the initial sentence would be compulsory and have to be conducted. Knowing this, if the Supreme court of cassation, which is the last option for the striker, turns back on him as well then the Brazilian (like it or not) will be locked of up to nine years in prison.


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