15 March 2021

One place organizes many games

Because the pandemic situation has forced many World Cup together with Asian Cup qualifying duels are being postponed at the end of March, alternative solution of where they will be played was found, thus all the weight now bears mainly on the sixth month of 2021. Two days ago the Asian football confederation has announced which locations are going to host the 8 groups for the above tournaments staged from 31 May and up until 15 June.
People's Republic of China is the chosen country for group A who will gather Syria, Philippines, Maldives and Guam. Spot for B, where are Australia, Jordan, Nepal and Chinese Taipei, is going to host Kuwait. Matches from group C will be played in Bahrain joined with Iraq, Islamic Republic of Iran, Hong Kong and Cambodia. Saudi Arabia is going to welcome teams from Uzbekistan, Singapore, Yemen and Palestine at group DE collects Oman, Afghanistan, India, Bangladesh who are all together in Qatar. Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Myanmar and Mongolia from group F are going to round up in Japan. United Arab Emirates is the place who is going to be host of G, and in there are also Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. Qualifiers from H will be played in South Korea where Turkmenistan, Lebanon, North Korea and Sri Lanka comprises the group.
Now that this is settled, the exact schedule (dates, pairs and kick-off times) of the match night 7 and 8 from round 2 is expected to be revealed at the commencing of May.


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