14 March 2021

Great loss of first two leagues

On 2019-20 and 2020-21 season in Spain there is a big loss at the first and second league of 2.013 billion euros. Reason behind this huge number, and the big culprit can be found on the epidemic situation.
Last year from an expected 5.167 billion the 42 clubs in total had profit of 4.8 billion euros, where the difference is 366 million fewer. Anticipation for this (or the current) season is 5.269 billion euros, while the deficit is likely to be 1.647 billion. In the two years period costs have been reduced to 984 million euros, while 1.03 billion is the net loss.
Each of the above digits have been published by the league itself (LaLga) in a report from 02 March, who also are giving details about how these clubs are working during the mentioned time in terms of wages, budgets and financial cuts.


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