24 March 2021

Performed draws revealed three consecutive rounds

Immediately after the knockout rounds have concluded last midweek, four days ago the European football organization has done the last draws of this season for both international club events. Therefore 16 duels are familiar and although the last 8 pairs are a mystery its logical that everything has to start from the first part. All these games have to be completed within the next two months.

Three English clubs will have a hard battle to remain in this tournament against two German opponents, as well as one French, Spanish and Portuguese team each. Briefly, the following clubs from these five countries will appear in the Champions league. Schedule for the quarter finals is on 06 and 07 April, while return plays are seven nights later.

Manchester city - Borussia Dortmund.
Porto - Chelsea.
Bayern Munich - PSG.
Real Madrid - Liverpool.

Further more, dates for the last four are on 27 and 28 April together with 04 and 05 May, and the layout is the winner of the third quarterfinal pair playing with the first plus the victory club from the fourth duel is going to battle with the second one. Out of this schedule the winner of the first semifinal game will be the 'home' team on Saturday, 29 May in Istanbul (Turkey), as the last game for 2020-21 season will occur.

Representatives from an Europa league tournament are destined to play only on one night. The third knockout stage will kick off on 08 April with the first 90 minutes, and at 15 of the same month is going to be the decision date between:

Granada - Manchester united.
Arsenal - Slavia Praha.
Ajax - Roma.
Dinamo Zagreb - Villarreal.

Half from eight is four, so in this stage victory teams from the third and first quarter final pair, as well as fourth with second duel will meet each other on 29 April and 06 May. Polish city of Gdansk is going to host the final on 26 May, where on television screens and in the stadium the winner of the second semi final match will be written first.


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