18 March 2021

Neutral ground for group stages at both tournaments

Because travel restrictions throughout Asia are still in place, the confederation had no other option but to reveal which places are going to host games for both club international competitions concerning 17 out of 20 group phases.
With the first day of this month, familiar were the locations for group gatherings of the AFC Cup. As there are five zones in this tournament, the earliest one is going to commence on 14 May. In the West part, A is going to be held in Manama (Bahrain), while B and C will be hosted in Amman (Jordan). From the South zone, Male (Maldives) is going to welcome participants of group D. E is going to be played in the capital of Kyrgyzstan (Bishkek), and Dushanbe (Tajikistan) will welcome clubs from F. Singapore has been revealed as host of H together with I from the Asean part. Last group J who are having clubs from the East zone will be staged in Hong Kong. From this list only the letter G is missing, because the gathering place for this group is going to be decided later on.
Ten days after the above event, group announcements were revealed for the Champions league also. Out of the two regions here, the West is going to begin on 14 April. Saudi Arabia will welcome three groups: Riyadh is going to be host to A and D, while C belongs to Jeddah. Clubs from B are going to travel at Sharjah (United Arab Emirates). E is going to settle in India. Problem arises at the Eastern part where instead of 21 April - 07 May, the kick-off will be either June or July period. Matches from F, G and J will be staged in Thailand, whilst H and I, do not have a host yet.
Majority of the groups for both tournaments are known, but some teams are missing as inter-zonal play offs have to be played, and all participants can be seen on the website of the confederation.


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