04 March 2022

Big changes from next year

On 25 February the Executive committee at the Asian football organization has revealed big changes in the two of their club competitions that were proposed last November. Shifting of the Champions league together with the Afc Cup is going to occur from 2023 and onwards.
Coaches would have more options to include foreign players on the pitch. From four strangers this number will be increased to six, where at least one has to be from another Asian country or in mathematical meaning it looks like this: out of 3 + 1 the new rule is going to be 5 + 1. Registration of footballers has also been raised which began from this season: 35 footballers can be on the list for both events, where the quota was 30 names until 2021.
However, the big news is that players would have to adapt to the changing season. Currently these two club tournaments commence every spring and both of them lasts until autumn. Next year that will be all changed where it will be played in reverse order: starting kick-off would be autumn and in spring is going to be the completion or in other words each competition is going to be staged in dual calendar years. This decision was approved after consultation and feedback from every member association.
Also it was mentioned about the last two World Cup elimination games for 2022 (of the continent). Because the intercontinental pair is scheduled for either 13 or 14 June the Asian play-off (clash between third placed teams of A and B groups) would happen on 07 June. These two matches are going to be played in the capital of Qatar - Doha.


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