14 March 2022

Competition with only three games

From September 2021 (when was postponed) the following mini tournament supposed to begin on 13 March, however because of the natural disaster that happened in the middle of January at Tonga, the same team has decided to withdrew, thus the play-off match was suspended. Because of that, the tiniest confederation of the globe finally is going to commence this competition (which is now moved) four nights later.
The World Cup qualifying event is almost over at all continents, but for Oceania is just beginning. As the pandemic situation did its bad part anywhere throughout the globe, all duels of the region were shifted to neutral ground.
Eight teams are equally divided into two groups, each of them will have three games in the end, and all of them are going to be staged at the capital of Qatar - Doha. When everything completes after game 12 the first 2 teams from A and B groups will advance to the next phase. Until then let us enjoy the starting six pairs:

17 March, Thursday at 15.00 CET: Cook islands - Solomon islands.
17 March, Thursday at 18.00 CET: Tahiti - Vanuatu.

18 March, Friday at 15.00 CET: Papua new Guinea - New Zealand.
18 March, Friday at 18.00 CET: New Caledonia - Fiji.

20 March, Sunday at 15.00 CET: Cook islands - Tahiti.
20 March, Sunday at 18.00 CET: Solomon islands - Vanuatu.


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