13 March 2022

Found cities where groups would be played

Within the Asian continent the pandemic situation is still causing plenty of trouble, so the football organization have determined at what places the group games will be played for the two club competitions.
Because at 16 February it was decided the fate of the complete East sub-region, it was left only where the group duels for the West are going to be staged. Nine days ago Saudi Arabia was designated as host for the first 5 groups. However, the 20 clubs will be dispersed throughout the country: those from A and B are going to be situated in Riyadh, Jeddah would welcome four teams of group C, teams from D would compete in Buraydah, while the last one will be played at Dammam. Duels from this part, have to commence on 07 and would last until 27 April.
Meanwhile, for the second significant event Afc Cup the final and missing host country of group I is known. From 24 to 30 June the three clubs (plus the host) are going to travel at Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.


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