29 March 2022

Performing and explaining of a ceremony that is held every four years

Finally that date who we are all waiting for (for so long) is going to arrive. On Friday 01 April the World Cup draw is going to be performed at the Doha exhibition and convention centre of the host country. It suppose to kick off on 19.00 local time or 18.00 CET.
We all know that 32 countries will be present on this football festivity holiday that commences in November, however 29 of them will be mentioned during the show. The missing trio consist of one European play off victory team, together with the two intercontinental winners (and each one would have to take place until the middle of June). If anyone of us is wondering how the teams would be divided in 4 pots, it will help the list taken from the world football organization that is going to be released on 31 March. Position number 1 from the first pot is automatically known upfront (Qatar would be marked as A1) who also inside six more teams would join in (thanks to the above mentioned list), the second pot will consist of countries that occupies places 8 to 15, from 16 up to 23 are teams that are going to fill pot three, and the last one are for position 24 until 28 plus the 3 mystery teams (that are yet to qualify). Everything will be done in order or beginning with one and ending with bowl four. Because the biggest amount of representatives (13) comes from from one confederation, 5 (out of 8) groups are going to have two teams from Europe.


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