06 March 2022

With and without political messages in football

Politics should be completely out and free from this (or any) sport, but some countries really exaggerate where they put written messages where do not belong. In the following lines you can read how one of the biggest market in Asia - People's Republic of China recognize them.
This weekend Ukraine is one of the 'main subject' across the top division in England. With its national flag and the sentence "Football stands together" over it on each stadia together with every captain having blue and yellow armbands around them, will just 'promote' support with the Ukrainian people in the field where they should not suppose to do that. And because of these 'hidden messages' and (clearly) meddling politics in football, the digital platform iQiyi has decided that is not going to show a single game.
Meanwhile, the LaLiga on the other hand wanted to present itself with a different attitude. Spanish matches alongside its players are not displaying any of the content about this war, so the same broadcaster have no problem to show them throughout the country.


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